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Work Smarter and let our industry-leading smart platform provide more options to your students. Skholarabroad streamlines and simplifies the search, application, admission, study visa, and post landing services for you through its flexible service models.

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Our Process

6 Steps to Grow your Business With Us



Step 1: Create a Profile
Create a single profile for your new Student
Step 2: Submit an application through Skholar Abroad’s platform
One profile and you can apply for as many programs and schools as the student wants to apply based on the options generated by the Skholar Abroad’s industry leading search
Step 3: Application Review and submission by Skholar Abroad
Skholar Abroad reviews and assesses the application for completeness, admissibility and availability. Once reviewed the application is submitted promptly to the partner schools.
Step 4: Letter of Acceptance issued by School and Shared with your team
Skholar Abroad’s stringent quality control and vetting process ensures that your student can expect a letter of offer 95+% of the times.
Step 5: Study Visa application submission, approval and confirmation
Once your student gets the Letter of Acceptance, confirm the approval of study visa with Skholar Abroad’s team and make arrangements to register for classes and travel to their school.
Step 6: Claim and Receive your commission
Once your student registers for classes and start the classes, send us an invoice and get paid your commission.
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