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Register as a Student

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5 minutes is all it takes to search thousands of programs at hundreds of schools, find the right program and school for you, easily submit as many applications with one profile, and get Skholar Abroad's end-to-end support from search to settling in!

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Our Process

8 Steps to Start your Academic journey Abroad with us



Step 1: Create a Profile
Complete your profile and let Skholar Abroad’s smart platform walks you through the process and find the programs that best fits your needs and matches your academic profile and career interests
Step 2: Program Selection and School Selection
Select the program and the school based on your interest and your previous academic qualifications
Step 3: Submit Your Application
Complete your profile, upload the documents, pay the application fee and let Skholar Abroad’s team of international education experts take over. Our admissions team ensures that your application is complete and submitted in time for best chances of getting you admitted.
Step 4: Get your Letter of Offer
Once reviewed by the school, if admissible and the program is open, you will receive the initial letter of offer. The letter of Offer is a conditional letter stating that you have met the condition of the admissions and include the next steps of instructions like acceptance of the offer, payment of tuition deposit and any outstanding documents to confirm your admission.
Step 5: Pay Your Tuition Deposit
Follow the instructions in the Letter of Offer and pay the tuition deposit to confirm the offer.
Step 6: Get your Letter of Acceptance
Once the College, receives the tuition deposit and any other outstanding documents as stated in Letter of Offer, you will get your Letter of Acceptance quickly. Letter of Acceptance is a confirmation that you have met all the requirements of the admissions and paid the tuition deposit. The school will confirm your seat in the program, once you get your visa and let our admissions team know.
Step 7: Start Your Visa Process
Skholar Abroad’s team of certified immigration consultants will help you with complete guidance and assistance through the study visa application, ensuring your best chance of success.
Step 8: Register and Start your Program
Once you have got your study visa, confirm it with the Skholar Abroad’s team and book you tickets and start your academic journey abroad. Talk to our settlement and integration experts for any questions related to pre-departure and post-landing questions. Register for your classes and let the excitement begin!
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