Types Of Scholarships

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Types Of Scholarships

Most students worry about paying back the education loan they took on when they decided to study abroad. You, as an international student, need to remember that if you are meritorious enough you don’t need to apply for a loan. You can apply to the scholarships available at the university you are applying to. You will have to get in touch with the financial aid department of the colleges of your choice and discuss the options available to you.

These are types of scholarships meant for studying abroad-

  1. Merit-based scholarships – These scholarships are based on the student’s academic, athletic, artistic or other abilities. These qualities feature as the applicant’s extracurricular activities. Note that these qualifications and requirements will vary from scholarships and scholarship.
  2. Country of origin specific – These are the scholarships which are awarded to international students planning to attend a study abroad program in that particular country. These are awarded as a motivation to study in that country. You will have to check with government-sponsored education websites or student bodies to study to see what scholarships are available.
  3. A student from special backgrounds – These are scholarships for applicants who qualify on the basis of factors like race, gender, religion, and medical history. There could be other student-specific factors. The reason these scholarships exist is to promote equality among different sections of society. The most common awards in this category are minority scholarships.
  4. Subject-based scholarships – Subject-based scholarships are awarded by colleges or government institutions to students according to the particular major or field of study they want to pursue. These scholarships require the applicant to be enrolled in subject-specific courses while abroad. Please note that qualifications and eligibility will vary from scholarship to scholarship.
  5. Program-specific awards – Program-specific scholarships are presented by universities and colleges. These scholarships are awarded according to the academic and personal achievements of the applicant. Again, qualifications will vary based on scholarships.

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