Top Universities in Canada to Study Abroad

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Top Universities in Canada to Study Abroad

Why study in Canada?

Canada has earned the distinction of being a country that offers a world-class education, with degrees that are recognised globally. Here are some reasons why you should consider studying at one of the many top colleges in Canada.

  • A degree from a reputed Canadian University is deemed of great value, often considered equivalent to one earned in the US, UK, Australia, and most European nations. Despite this, the cost of education in Canada is significantly lower.
  • Canadian universities are also renowned for their strong focus in the fields of research and development. As a research scholar, you will find Canada to be the ideal destination where you can get support from your university and the Canadian government, primarily if you aim to study subjects like medicine, technology, environmental science, and telecommunication.
  • Universities in Canada are also known for their vibrant campuses, where events and festivals occur throughout the year. For a student living away from home, these events fester a happy and lively environment and help you meet new people, develop social contacts, and build a home away from home.

Best Universities in Canada

Here is a list of the top 10 universities in Canada for international students who want to study abroad.


QS World University Rankings 2023

THE Rank 2022

McGill University



University of Toronto



University of British Columbia



University of Alberta



University of Montreal



McMaster University



University of Waterloo



Western University



University of Ottawa



Queen’s University



McGill University

Home to over 10,000 international students that constitute over 30 percent of the student demographics, speak volumes of the popularity that McGill University enjoys among students worldwide. The university is often touted as one of Canada’s best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the leading research-intensive universities in the world. With state-of-the-art facilities and a renowned school of staff, the university works hard to provide international undergraduate, graduate, visiting and exchange students with a host of academic and non-academic services and resources to make their stay at the university a memorable experience. McGill University is made up of eleven faculties and eleven schools, covering everything from law to music, to religious studies.

  • Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • School of Continuing Studies
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Education
  • Schulich School of Music
  • Faculty of Medicine

University of Toronto

Established in 1827, the University of Toronto boasts the best teaching and research faculties across North America. The university’s engineering school and law faculty are appreciated for its excellence among its other faculties. In addition, its medical programs and research performance are praiseworthy by the highest industry standards. A daily feature among the top-ranked universities around the world, the college boasts of nurturing some of the best minds. Some of the popular courses pursued at the University of Toronto are:

  • International Foundation Program
  • Arts and Science, St. George campus
  • Applied Science and Engineering
  • Medical Radiation Sciences
  • Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • Daniels Faculty of Landscape, Architecture, and Design

The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the best universities in Canada that follows dynamic teaching methods combined with modern facilities to educate students. The university boasts an excellent student-faculty ratio of 11:1. Students from more than 162 countries are studying at the university, which also provides students with a diverse environment.  Popular subjects offered by the University of British Columbia include:

  • Mineral and mining engineering
  • Sports-related subjects
  • Geography

University of Alberta

The university more commonly referred to as UAlberta offers its international students a plethora of over 200 undergraduate programs across 18 faculties and is home to 400+ research laboratories. The university which is home away from home to its students is tailored with thirteen on-campus residences providing a safe haven for students to study. Students can also participate in over 450 student clubs and groups in the university during their time at UAlberta. Every year the university offers over $28 million (CAD) to students in scholarships, awards, and financial support. Many programs in the university offer students paid co-op work or internship placements, both in Canada and in other countries. Popular faculty include:

  • Arts
  • Engineering
  • Pharma and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Law
  • Business
  • Sports and Education, among others

University of Montreal

University of Montreal was founded in 1878, and has since then delivered high quality education. University of Montreal and its affiliated schools, HEC Montreal and Polytechnique Montreal, are one of best higher education institutions in Quebec. With almost 69,000 students, of which 10,000 students belong to international communities, the university has constantly held high rankings. The university offers nearly 600 programs across its 13 schools. In addition, the university has performed well in research and athletics both. Top faculties and schools are:

  • Arts and Science
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Polytechnique Montreal
  • HEC Montreal
  • Education

One of the reasons why Canada is a favorite study destination for international students wanting to study overseas is its promising post-study work options. Most Canadian universities have a cell called a Career Services Center, which helps you get jobs and helps you prepare for interviews. The on-campus recruitment is always driven by student interest. Companies that recruit through the University do not offer a job directly. What they offer is an internship or co-op. Companies like to see your work for a few months before they hire you full-time for work opportunities/ jobs in Canada.

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